Soda and Vinegar Explosion

My best experiment yet

I used zip loc bag, 2 spoons of baking soda, a tissue paper and white vinegar.

10 seconds later

15 seconds and explosion!!!!!!!!!

I put 2 spoons of  baking soda then put it in a piece of tissue roll, folded it. Then got some vinegar 1/4 of a ziploc bag put the tissue in it then zip up the bag then wait 15 seconds then ………………………………………………………………………………………KABOOM

Lesson learnt:  

When i mixed the baking soda with the vinegar i caused a chemical reaction that created carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas caused the bag to expand and eventually pop.

from Hooked on Science projects.


Rusty Screws, Oil and Water & Seed Germination Experiments

I learnt about how to do auto focus on the camera (macro zoom). I also understand how shadows don’t let us take clear pictures. I learnt that I need to stand on the side and not sit down to take my photos. To take clear photos with auto micro thing I must be patient and take my time.


This green bottle is when we mixed dark green coloured water & oil. We can all see that water is heavier than oil because the dark green water is on the bottom and the oil is on the top! So basically water is heavier than oil


1.  Oil and water do not mix.

2.  Water is heavier than oil.


This is where I soaked 3 types of lentils and kidney beans to see how long they take to sprout.

today i lifted the cotton from the seeds. The cotton had been dried up! The water went into the seeds.The cotton had been coloured on two of them (green lentils and kidney beans) and  the other one had not (brown lentils). Plus they were more plumper and lighter in weight! How did they get lighter when they had so much water! I guess because they are becoming plants when they grow up! And i had to put on some more water today and i am  going to put on some more water every day.


Nothing happend to them the first time so i decided that i will put more water on them.

21 June 2012 Various experiments

Today I made a rubber band ball and checked how bouncy it was. I covered a Bakugan with the rubber bands.

We also wanted to see how lentils and kidney beans will sprout. So we soaked three types in a plate and covered them with cotton soaked in water. I will check every day to see how they grow.

This is after I soaked them

We wanted to see how water and oil will mix together and whether water is heavier than oil. I think oil is heavier than water but we will find out tomorrow. We coloured the water Green to help us see it properly.

The last experiment we did today was I covered 10 screws and bolts with a little bit of water and kept it in a plastic container. I want to see how long it takes for them to rust.

I took the photos myself.