21 June 2012 Various experiments

Today I made a rubber band ball and checked how bouncy it was. I covered a Bakugan with the rubber bands.

We also wanted to see how lentils and kidney beans will sprout. So we soaked three types in a plate and covered them with cotton soaked in water. I will check every day to see how they grow.

This is after I soaked them

We wanted to see how water and oil will mix together and whether water is heavier than oil. I think oil is heavier than water but we will find out tomorrow. We coloured the water Green to help us see it properly.

The last experiment we did today was I covered 10 screws and bolts with a little bit of water and kept it in a plastic container. I want to see how long it takes for them to rust.

I took the photos myself.


2 thoughts on “21 June 2012 Various experiments

  1. Dear Jakey

    So how long will it take for the sprouts to come through? Will you be updating the site with pictures of stage by stage germination?


    • Hi Julie Masi,
      I don’t know how long it will take for them to sprout. But I sure will be taking pictures of stage by stage.
      From Jakey

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