About Jakey

I am 8 years old and I live in SE Calgary, Alberta in Canada. I was born in London, UK and I have lived here for the last 5 years. I have 2 pet Chihuahuas and 1 golden retriever dog, as well as 1 Great Dane Lab dog. I also have 9 fishes (started out at 16 but only 9 left now). I used to have a cat and another Chihuahua as well and I will be writing about all my pets soon. I love my pets.

I also love Science and doing Science projects at home. I will be writing about my Science projects in my blog. I will be taking my own pictures as I love taking photographs. I use my mums Camera to take my pictures but I hope that she will one day give me this camera so that it can be mine. I am told that if I am good this year, Santa might let me have this Camera for christmas. What I mean is, if my mum is good, she will be getting a new camera from Santa and she will be giving me her camera. hahaha   I hope Santa is good to mum this year !! 😉

I am going to write about our travel and field trips in this blog too. I will take my own pictures and write about the places we visit.

I like to go fishing with my dad. Even though we don’t really catch any fish as we are still trying to figure out what kind of baits to use. On our last trip, we discovered that our line goes flying off into the water as we did not have any weights on it to keep it floating on the water. My dad thought doing casting was such an easy thing that he just has to throw it in the water and the fish will jump onto the line and we will have lots of fish for the bbq that evening. But we ate burgers at A&W instead as we had no fish and nothing for the BBQ. This time, we will do a little bit more research and go with the right bait and weights on the line. The coloured baits we used last time were not really the right thing to attract the fish as we didn’t have any worms or things on there for the fish to catch onto. So basically, it was a hilarious adventure and we spent the whole time trying to keep our dog controlled as  our Great dane kept chasing the people and jumping into the water and chasing the fish.

I think the other fishermen would have hated us that day! But luckily there weren’t that many people fishing in the lake that afternoon.

I am studying my Grade 4 curriculum this summer as I will be starting my Grade 5 this Fall when I return to School.



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